Corporate Wellbeing


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GoodShape is a leading Enterprise Health Management platform. The platform serves from FTSE 100 companies to NHS Trusts, and is a proven solution to increase staff engagement and signpost individuals to the right service at the right time.

GoodShape provides unrivalled insight, objective data, and analytics to help organisations truly understand issues affecting employee wellbeing and its impact on business productivity. Their approach is proven to improve workforce health and efficiency. GoodShape customers experience a four times return on their investment through higher employee engagement levels, better compliance, increased operational performance and lower staffing costs.

Annually, GoodShape manages over one million tele interventions and over six million digital communications. Turning the existing business process of absence management into an  engagement gateway, GoodShape has built the UK’s largest database of workplace health. Its smartphone app covers 200k employees, triaging them to effective clinical and wellbeing support.

MARCOL Health invested in GoodShape to scale the business in domestic and international markets. It has overseen the business transform from a contact centre model, to an award-winning evidence-based people management software platform that reduces the personal and financial impact of health issues due to physical and mental illness.

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