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HealthHero is Europe’s largest digital health provider that brings together human expertise and digital convenience to provide quality remote health consultations. It offers access to experienced clinicians directly to patients, insurance-policy holders and employees.

The company’s overarching strategy is built on three pillars; building a truly holistic proposition, diversified market segments, and international expansion. At present, HealthHero is focusing on developing a simple and transparent healthcare journey for customers by rolling out the UK’s first truly holistic digital health service. Powered by a multi-disciplinary team of clinicians accessing a single clinical record, the system will reduce healthcare siloes by reviewing a patient’s physical and mental health in tandem.

Operating currently in the UK, Germany and the Republic of Ireland, they already cover over 20 million lives, and over 1000 businesses.

HealthHero is built upon the powerful combination of digital knowhow and telehealth expertise, with over two decades of experience in connecting patients with clinicians remotely. HealthHero will shortly be launching a consumer offering in the UK.

MARCOL Health have invested in HealthHero to scale the business within Europe and expand the groups acquisitions.

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