Marcol has a successful 35 year track record of acquiring, financing and asset managing real estate throughout the UK and Europe and is known for its ability to create and realise maximum values through hands-on, active asset management.

Now consisting of a large group of companies, Marcol has continued to grow through the toughest of markets by quickly adapting to changing conditions and taking advantage of the opportunities they present.

Generally operating under the radar, the Group has built a strong reputation within the industry for being discreet, reliable, decisive and innovative while creating a multi-billion Euro pan-European property portfolio. Marcol has developed into an international property corporation with substantial interests in a number of real estate sectors across the UK and Europe.

The Group is well positioned to take advantage of current market conditions. Having successfully developed many relationships over the years, it is now being approached to assist banks and financial institutions in managing their distressed portfolios.

Case Studies

Opportunities quickly realised:

Compco Holdings

Compco was a fully quoted public property company that Marcol acquired and took private. The opportunity to increase... more...

More than real estate:

Acquisition of Median Group

Marcol concluded the largest private equity deal in Germany in 2009 with its acquisition of Median Kliniken, the... more...

Maximising returns on investment:

Acquisition of Burford Debenture

A portfolio funded by Debenture Loan Stock was acquired by Marcol company CGIS from Burford Group. The portfolio... more...

European expansion:

Billion Euro warehouse and logistics fund

Luxembourg-based Industrial Securities Europe formed a joint venture to invest a fund of €1billion in warehouse... more...