Creating and realising maximum values

Marcol has a successful 40 year track record as an equity investor and asset manager with an extensive multibillion pound active portfolio of real estate, healthcare businesses and other venture capital investments.


Marcol’s investment strategy includes direct investment, backing and supporting entrepreneurial internationally scalable businesses.

Known for its achievements in creating and realising maximum values through hands-on management, Marcol now consists of a large group of companies and has continued to expand through the toughest of markets by quickly adapting to changing conditions and taking advantage of the opportunities they represent.

In 2009, Marcol researched the healthcare system in Germany which offered excellent care at low cost, and as a result, with partner Advent International, acquired Median Kliniken, Germany’s leading rehabilitation care provider then with 27 clinics. By 2014, the number of clinics had increased to 45 and the business was successfully sold to leading private equity firm, Waterland.

Building on this success, Marcol has established Marcol Health to focus on the health sector in the UK, US and across Western and Central Europe. Marcol Health is seeking investment opportunities where growth potential can be maximised domestically and internationally, and sustained and enhanced by investment and active management.

Marcol’s investments span many areas of commerce and include but are not limited to real estate, healthcare, retail, and pharmaceutical.


Marcol Health invests in the fast growing online pharmacy & health products sector.

August 25, 2015
Aponeo was founded in 2006, with its operations based in Berlin, Germany. Customers of Aponeo can


Marcol Health invests in medneo

August 25, 2015
Following the successful sale of Germany’s leading post-acute hospital provider Median Kliniken,


Valued Healthcare

May 20, 2015
Marcol has established a Healthcare operation to offer the highest quality of specialised