People - Marcol Group


Terence Cole

Terence founded Marcol with Mark Steinberg in 1976. He has been a true visionary, creative and entrepreneurial influence, helping the business to become the multi-billion Pound international investment group it is today.
Terence has been a driving force in the Group’s expansion into Europe. He developed its core operating base to enable management of a large cross-border portfolio supported by a bespoke IT system that he commissioned.
He lives in London and is married with two children. Mr and Mrs Cole are patrons and benefactors to a number of charities.


Mark Steinberg

Mark founded Marcol with Terence Cole, having had experience in developing and investing in property. His financial acumen and commercial sensibilities have been one of the cornerstones of the Group’s success. He is renowned for his deal-making skills and ability to build solid relationships.
Under Mark and Terence’s combined leadership, Marcol has evolved into an extremely successful and diverse private investment business that prides itself on long-term relationships with strong partners.
He lives in London and is married with two children.