In this very challenging time in which the world finds itself, MARCOL is open for business. It continues to welcome the opportunity for new projects and joint ventures.

MARCOL is supported by their IT company Alltime Technologies, which provides round the clock support to MARCOL’s core function as well as its portfolio companies.

Amongst the many industries that MARCOL invests in; real estate, technology and design, it is their Healthcare portfolio businesses who at present are proving to be of service to the wider public across Europe, and able to make a difference, offering their key healthcare assistance and service provision in these challenging times.

– Medical Solutions are providing their customers with vital remote GP services, in turn helping to alleviate some strain on the NHS.

– FirstCare are assisting businesses with their absence management systems and solutions, and advising employees on illness via their team of nurses.

– Its various Online Pharmacy businesses are continuing to be a reliable source for delivery of vital pharmaceutical medicines and healthcare products to people throughout Europe.

– medneo is helping to alleviate pressure on healthcare systems with the provision of technically advanced diagnostic imaging services.


MARCOL continues to welcome enquiries and opportunities.

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