Accelerating growth and driving international expansion

MARCOL Health is a division of MARCOL. A specialist investor providing capital, commercial and strategic guidance for healthcare services and technology businesses.

MARCOL Health is committed to improving the quality of and access to care, for millions of people across Europe, whilst helping to reduce the costs associated with healthcare delivery. The businesses sit at the convergence of healthcare delivery and technology.

At MARCOL Health, we apply our expertise and resources to turn proven business models into scalable platforms that accelerate growth and drive international expansion.

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MARCOL Health recognised many years ago that healthcare globally needed to develop and adapt to the growing demands of the healthcare systems, as well as becoming more aligned with greater consumer/patient expectations and awareness.

We therefore focused on business models that were working towards the ideal combination of improving quality of and access to care through efficient means, with technology and international potential at the heart. These have included telehealth services, online pharmacies, diagnostic imaging centres/technology and innovative enterprise platforms, some of which today are recognised as European leaders in their fields achieving tremendous growth and valuations.

MARCOL Health is constantly searching for companies that have strong and visionary teams with proven models within large existing sectors of healthcare, ripe for disruption and with the ability to scale and expand internationally. Working in partnership with existing founders and shareholders, MARCOL looks for ways in which our support can maximise value in the most effective way, leveraging its significant internal expertise and resources.