MARCOL is dedicated to providing high quality support, care and wellbeing for our employees, third-party counterparts and companies in which we invest.

We recognised many years ago that the only certainty in life is change and have adapted to the various cycles and growing demands of our industry with a positive attitude and outcome, which is reflected in the work we have done and the businesses we have built over our history of nearly 50 years.

We pride ourselves on expanding businesses internationally within different sectors but with the same ethos in providing the highest level of service to our people, portfolio companies, their customers, and our investors.

Our real estate division is working to clear up thousands of acres of toxic land for redevelopment and changing the logistics landscape with a first mile strategy. Our self-storage business is repurposing unused retail space and utilising the latest technology in the sector to create operational efficiencies and future-proofed assets.

Our healthcare businesses play a vital role in changing the way that healthcare services are delivered. We are committed to improving both the quality of, and access to, care through technology, thus offering the best consumer and patient experience available in the market today, profoundly impacting people’s lives for the better now and in the long term.

We continue to adapt and improve our ESG policies in light of evolving best practice and circumstance to enable us to form long-term partnerships and create lasting value for our shareholders, business partners and the communities and economies in which we operate.

For MARCOL’s ESG Policy, please email