Investment opportunities we are looking for

Investment Opportunties

At MARCOL Health we have the track record, capital & resources to develop local healthcare services and technology businesses into scalable international platforms.


➤ Are you operating in the healthcare services or technology space?

➤ Do you believe your proposition has a:

  • A competitive advantage
  • Unique market or angle
  • A proven business model
  • Large, addressable international market potential

➤ Is your business?

  • Growing year-on-year?
  • Supported by a good, committed team?
  • Profitable or on a clear path to profitability?
  • Able to identify a near term opportunity to accelerate growth?

➤ Do you need?

  • Investment capital?
  • Strategic advice and / or support?
  • Assistance with developing your technology infrastructure or product?
  • Help with internationalisation?
  • A people strategy for the future?
  • Support in leveraging M&A to build the business?


If the answer is yes to most or all of the points then we would love to speak to you.

Please send a simple one page summary of your business to